Swift and other programming tip for those who absolutely love Apple and iOS.


Xcode Shortcuts

Here are some simple shortcuts in Xcode to help you boost your efficiency. Save the following link for your future reference. Notion Note

SwiftUI Layout Guide

Laying out UI often contains a lot of trial and error. Here are some tips or experience I summarize when dealing with SwiftUI Layout....

Save and Load in Swift

Our world is full of data now. We are busy processing data from here and there. However, all is meaningless without a way to save the...

Drag and Drop

Implementing drag and drop in SwiftUI is very easily thanks to Apple. Follow me and I will unveil it for you. Notion Note

TroubleShooting Xcode

When Xcode doesn't work as intended, check out the following tip to help you getting on the right track again. Notion Note

Property wrapper

Are you still confused of when to use different property wrappers to your variable in order to attach the logic you want to the variable...

String Manipulation

There are times when you want to process data received from the web. And you want to process your string to become a date, to turn it...


To support more than one language in your app, use the localization tool provided natively in Xcode. Notion Note

Enum to String

Many people is facing the same difficulties as me, having created an enum but want a string interpolation of each one case of it. I have...



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